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Our Pilots have two goals:
Your safety and their own safety – 365 times a year. Fun is guaranteed anyways!
We have more than 25 years of experience in paragliding and we did thousands of flying hours with a zero accident record. We take our time to listen to your needs before takeoff.


Thomas is the Captain of the Team and has over 1.500 flights in his paragliding log and everybody loves him right away.

Gernot is certified for Paragliders and Airplanes as well. He has over 25 years of Paragliding experience in many parts of the world. He is responsible for ground handling and logistics.

Tamas is a fully professional rated Tandempilot since many years.

Tom is a world class acro pilot and travelled with a famous Acro Team around the globe. This blond guy is a very experienced pilot with an exceptional safety awareness.

Christian is a certified paragliding instructor and an avid paragliding pilot.

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