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Give it a try and call us now – we also have places free on short notice! For call-back-service just hang up after the second ringtone – we will call you back free of charge.

Call: +43 681 20632705

Our Flying Club guarantees the best price in town without any honey trap charges and no matter where we fly.
€ 139,- per person


With our specialized equipment we will make high-resolution photos in flight and upon request. A special wide lens together with a telescopic arm enables great shots of you, the paraglider and the surrounding scenery.
€  29,- for immediate take-away after landing    


With every ticket you are fully insured according to air law.


A lasting memory is a present of real value. Order a voucher for a flight via email or call us: +43 681 20632705

Our vouchers come in 4-color print on shiny silver paperboard with glossy frontside and will make your present the highlight of the day.

We will send your personal voucher via regular mail within 3 days to the address that you specify together with a nice information card to tune into the experience.

For last-minute vouchers we will send you a template for self-printing via Email.
Just call and ask for:
+43 681 20632705

€ 139,- per voucher


Romantic Dream
Loverdoves or married couples – you will enjoy the experience together. Two Pilots will take-off and land stereo with two gliders. In-flight Photo- and Videoshooting is included!

Total for 2 persons: € 336,-

Thermal XL
If you enjoy the longest possible flight we fly with you in the best winds. Your feet will be off the ground for at least 20 up to 40 minutes! In-flight Photo- and Videoshooting is included!

€ 198,- per person

Sunset Dream
We will take-off into the sunset. After a glide through the evening dawn we will land very near to the city of Salzburg. In-flight Photo- and Videoshooting is included!

€ 168,- per person

Early Morning Bird
We are the first ones in the full quietness of the early morning on the summit. After the morning dawn we will glide through the sky and land very near to the city of Salzburg for coffee. In-flight Photo- and Videoshooting is included!

€ 168,- per person

AcrobaticsYou think RollerCoasters are the ultimate G-force machines. We show you that Paragliders are – but don’t tell us we didn’t warn you. For pure adrenalists only! In-flight Photo- and Videoshooting is included!

€ 168,- per person


For special Offers we require a longer period of time for planning!

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