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Mankinds Dream - Flying like a bird.

Flight Areas

You are only a few steps away from gliding silently over the most funtastic landscapes of Austria in one of our large Tandemparagliders. It is an instant experience without any prior training necessary.
We fly the most fascinating sites around Salzburg all of them within easy reach:

Gaisberg above the city of Salzburg. Easy access from the city of Salzburg by public transport. The best views over town and the adjacent mountain ridges guaranteed. Click for the public transport schedule here.

Tandemparagleiten Gaisberg Salzburg Stadt

- Salzkammergut Lake Area above Wolfgangsee

Tandemparagleiten Zwölferhorn St. Gilgen Wolfgangsee Salzkammergut

For a fun flying experience the wind is THE most important factor ... not the flying area! We fly with you where the wind is safe and fun! Salzburg is one of the most fascinating flying areas for paragliding worldwide.

WhatsApp us and we will advise on where the best flying conditions are:

+43 650 23 826 23

Paragliding requires a bit of time and patience to make it a great experience. Appoint at least 2 hours after your scheduled meeting time to make things just as comfortable for yourself as for us.

Onboard service :-)

No food or drinks served during flight. Please plan to enjoy your meals and alcohol after the flight!!

We fly from early morning until evening in safe flying weather conditions.


Take a pair of hiking boots or similar with you together with a wind tight jacket. Some sunscreen is great to have too. Your body weight should be no more than 240 lbs. All passengers can remain seated on a landing cushion upon landing. All other questions that you might have will be taken care of before take-off.


All of our Pilots and all of our Equipment is certified!

Wind & Weather

is the most important factor for safe and fun paragliding. It might occur, that your pilot changes take-off time or planned flight route on short notice. Great weather for the beach is not always great weather for paragliding, but no beach weather can be excellent for a great tandemflight!

Kids - 3 requirements

Most kids love to tandemparaglide and have an easy experience. However as there is no age limit kids are required to 1. independently decide on their own if they want to take off 2. express their will and their needs verbally during any phase of flight 3. have a minimum of 40 lbs body weight. Spectators are very welcome at the launch or landing sites. One parent needs to be present before take-off.

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